Since its founding, our company has consistently played a central role in the automobile manufacturing industry, which has driven the Japanese economic sphere. We have especially poured our efforts into advancement of manufacturing technologies, and through the innovation that is demonstrated in safety, the environment, and the economy, and we have built a strong position as a member of the Toyota Group.

As we entered the decade of the 2010s, the automobile manufacturing industry reached a major turning point. While effectively managing global resources and maintaining our responsibility to the environment, we have been developing manufacturing techniques and products that make use of practical technologies. The development of alliances and partnerships that overcome the barriers between industries has become a major theme.

In the midst of this time of change for the world of manufacturing, our company’s aim is to become an organization of technologists that can create the future through a corporate culture that combines our company creed, "wa" ("harmony"), and our "kizuna" ("ties") to the local community and people.

President Yoshihide Ito