Oil Nozzle and Oil Check Valve

The engine oil cools and lubricates the hot components inside the engine and these are the products that help the engine oil perform effectively to cool the pistons.
Since these are the performance parts that enable an engine to maintain its full potential, they are manufactured using highly precise forming processes and all injection performance factors, such as the injection direction, oil volume and oil pressure are all thoroughly checked.

Manufacturing Point

Processing and inspection are conducted simultaneously to ensure stable production.
Since the mounting position and injection angle of the oil nozzle will vary according to the type of engine, our manufacturing equipment is arranged to match the engine. In particular, since the angle and injection volume of the nozzle will dramatically affect the performance of the engine, high-precision testing equipment is used at each machining stage to ensure that quality remains stable.

Technology Point

Our system checks the quality at each manufacturing process. We confirm quality at each machining process using a quality confirmation system that has integrated machining operations with quality inspections.
This system allows us to immediately respond to the causes of non-compliant parts and thereby ensure that only those parts with 100% quality are allowed to go on to subsequent processes.