Union Pipe and Water By Pass

Ensuring a Passage for Engine Oil and Coolant.
There are many pipes extending from the engine head, head cover, intake manifold and water housing that are used for sending air or coolant to key areas of the engine.
The union pipe is used for making the connections of these pipes. In addition, the water bypass ensures a route for the coolant, and offers unrestricted support for the cooling parts.

Manufacturing Point

Heat processing that matches the raw material.
Various materials, such as carbon and stainless steel, are used in peripheral engine parts to ensure long-term performance and durability. We have equipment such as continuous heat-treatment furnaces, non-oxidizing brazing furnaces and vacuum furnaces that allow us to perform the best heat processing for the material, thereby ensuring both quality and manufacturing efficiency.

Technology Point

Joining technology using non-oxidizing brazing furnaces and vacuum furnaces.
When brazing joints made of steel, the non-oxidizing brazing furnace helps make the joints stronger. The use of the vacuum furnace for stainless steel helps prevent oxidation and discoloration. The use of tray treatment held to reduce energy consumption.