Bolt Union

The bolt union is the part that sends the fuel, oil and coolant to the internal parts of the engine, thereby harnessing its power.
To perform its task, the bolt union requires the precise dimensions and sizing that call for high levels of complex machining.
By using such processes as cold forging, complicated machining can be performed by a reduced number of processes, thereby contributing to superior cost-performance.

Manufacturing Point

We use the press method to improve precision and respond to environmental needs.
The highly productive press method is used to form the bolt union from the raw material and open the lateral holes. This enables the work to be done without cutting.
In the opening of lateral holes, it is also possible to use presses to make longitudinal and lateral holes of the same diameter. By changing the creation of parts from the conventional machining methods to a stamping method, we can provide stable productivity in process that is friendlier to the environment.

Technology Point

Our press technology can form parts from raw materials, open the holes and then form threads without cutting, thereby helping to protect our environment and preserve our natural resources.
In addition, even the press equipment has superior durability as its service life is many times that of the tools used for machining operations.